Emergency Room: Code Red - PC Game

Emergency Room: Code Red PC Game 2001 Genre: Action / FPS

ER Code Red, Legacy’s latest interactive medical game, combines the best of television drama and realistic gameplay, in an unprecedented CD-ROM experience.

The city is in a state of emergency, “Code Red,” and you are responsible for saving every sick or injured person who comes through Legacy Memorial’s door. This game will pull on your heartstrings and challenge your mind.
You are responsible for diagnosing and treating 35 patients, with complaints ranging from gunshot wounds and sports injuries to premature labor.

Every decision is critical. Ask for help from the energetic ER staff. They want you to succeed. Make the right moves, and you can become Chief of Staff. Fail, and your career will be as dead as your patients.

✔ Familiar faces from popular television shows
✔ You are the doctor in this simulation that combines the best of TV drama & gameplay
✔ Treat 35 cases including stab wounds, suicidal depression, head trauma, lightning strike and more
✔ Question the patient and the family to uncover clues
✔ Your handheld computer provides information like tool descriptions, treatment protocols, a glossary, and hints

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