My Scene - PC Game

The My Scene girls – Barbie, Chelsea and Madison – are best friends who always know the latest buzz in the big city. Even though it’s only Monday, the My Scene girls are planning a lot of fun and exciting activities in preparation for their fabulous weekend - and they need help! Step into the shoes of one of the My Scene girls as players help them get ready for their big event. If the My Scene girls are short on cash, they can always take on a couple of freelance projects to earn extra money.
# Hit the city scene for some big time shopping–find fashion boutiques, a music studio and even cute boys!# Pick fabulous outfits, jewelry, snacks, CD’s or a special gift!# Earn extra money - mix tracks at the music studio, design clothes, window displays and more!# Take quizzes and “tell all” tests to discover things about you and your friends
This game has a few very cool segments in it.
The map of the subway and all the stores makes it easy to get around. And the cute boys wandering around are fun to crush on. Don’t forget to pick a crush!
There are a few ways to make extra dosh - the two best being desiging clothes at the My Scene Design Lab and dressing up the storefront window at My Scene’s Glassy Fashions clothing store. At the end of each level, when you’ve completed your shopping list, you get to go the the event or party and find out what happened with your friends and your crush!

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