Linkin Park - Live In Texas (Audio Video Deluxe Version) (iTunes Version)

As you will notice in the video Linkin Park plays all of these songs at the concert, but they also do others. Including ones on the CD and the others the DVD includes (in order):

1. Don't Stay*
2. Somewhere I Belong
3. Lying From You
4. Papercut
5. Points of Authority
6. Runaway
7. Faint
8. From the Inside
9. Figure.09*
10. With You
11. By Myself
12. P5hing Me A*wy
13. Numb
14. Crawling
15. In the End
16. A Place For My Head*
17. One Step Closer The songs marked with "*"s are songs they did not include in their regular

CD. That kind of dissapoints me because I thought this was the whole concert, but by watching the DVD there was more. I don't see why they're not on the regular CD because, on the DVD the songs went in order with the rest without stopping, and leaving them out of the regular CD kinda' ruins it. It just doesn't sound the same. Each song cuts off with cheering and starts with cheering to make it flow, and leaving out those songs it breaks the flow of the songs. Awsome anyways!

Track List:
1. Somewhere I Belong (Live)
2. Lying from You (Live)
3. Papercut (Live)
4. Points of Authority (Live)
5. Runaway (Live)
6. Faint (Live)
7. From the Inside (Live)
8. P5hng Me A*wy (Live)
9. Numb (Live)
10. Crawling (Live)
11. In the End (Live)
12. One Step Closer (Live)

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