Rapidshare Plus 3.0 - Rapidshare Download Manager for Free Users

This is a program that downloads a queue of Rapidshare links.
1) Just add them or use the paste function.2) Select the folder to download to.3) Sit back and watch it download automatically
Special Thanks to the Author ALIEN333, please visit his SITE
NEWQueue AutosaveAdvanced error-handelingPaste Function ImprovmentMinimize to tray functionChange directory in the QueueAutoexecute in the QueuePreffered download serverAdd a Rapidshare linklist
the next functions you can find in the menu under Config => Options…
An autoexecute functionScheduler was moved to the config screenBalloon NotificationStart Downloading on startupStart minimizedChoose the retry timeout

Please support the author of the software Alien333 and this is his site where you can post your questions or comments, thank you - http://www.alien333.mine.nu/

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