Sins of a Solar Empire

Real Time Strategy for Windows

Sins of a Solar Empire is an innovative real-time strategy game featuring seamless transition between epic strategy and tactical combat modes, initiating what is already becoming known as the RT4X sub-genre. A galaxy of intriguing aliens, powerful starships, and colossal planets comes to life with stunning 3D graphics, unparalleled sense of scale, and a cinematic musical score. Explore and conquer nearby planets and distant solar systems by applying brute force, cunning strategy, elegant diplomacy,economic mastery, and researched technology.

Ten millennia have passed since you and the few survivors of theonce mighty Vasari Empire fled from an unknown threat that allbut exterminated your kind. You now find yourself at the fringeof the galaxy in a sector occupied by a pathetically primitivespecies – one obsessed with trade and lacking any centralorganization or military technology. Calling themselves theTrader Emergency Coalition, they would have been ideal slavesin the glorious days of the past, but time is of the essence.Use your mastery of phase-space manipulation, gravity andnanotechnology to quickly eliminate any local resistance andacquire the necessary resources to fuel the next segment of yourcontinuing exodus.

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