Left 4 Dead (2008/ENG)

Left 4 Dead - this is a classic survival-horror, which has been unfolding in the world affected by a deadly virus.
In a joint passing four «survivors» will fight hordes plotoyadnyh zombies and mutant-boss.

The game is available four large campaigns, gently called the developers' Movie. " Each of the "film" that could be held jointly by a group of from 1 to 4 people, has five large maps and a certain common task for the team. Zombie population in each mission is managed by a special artificial intelligence called "Director" ( "the AI Director").

He keeps track of players and literally on the fly creates new conditions for survival for players based on their level of skill.Features:

[*] Exciting gameplay, with the possibility of a joint passage from the creators of Counter-Strike and Half-Life.

[*] Advanced artificial intelligence, managing how friendly or hostile creatures in order to dynamically maintain a tense atmosphere in a single game, cooperative or multipleernom mode every time you play.

[*] 20 cards. 10 types of weapons. 4 exciting "Cinema".

[*] A system recruiting opponetov, statistics, rankings, the system of awards for full-fledged cooperative games.

[*] Regime "Comments developers, allowing players to look behind the scenes.

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