Symantec System Center 10.1.8000.8

If your antivirus software has outdated signature files, then it’s completely worthless because new viruses will pass right by it.

When you have a network with dozens or hundreds of workstations, keeping up with all of the virus signature files across your network can be a full-time job. Symantec has released the Symantec System Center (SSC) to help deal with this management nightmare.
This powerful tool will allows you to centrally manage Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition on Windows 2000 workstations or servers, Windows NT workstations or servers, Windows XP workstations, Windows 95/98/ME, and NetWare servers. Once you have installed the SSC, you can view in a single Microsoft Management Console (MMC) screen all workstations and servers that you have chosen to manage.

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