Legendary (2008/ENG)

Legendary (2008/ENG)

The greatest thief of all time and peoples Charles Dekard specializing in rare works of art, from a purely professional considerations wade in the New York museum and, if on their own, opens the box - nothing other than the legendary Pandora's box.

System requirements:
[*] Windows XP SP2/Vista;
[*] Pentium IV 2 GHz;
[*] 512 MB of RAM;
[*] 10 GB of free hard disk space;
[*] Video-level GeForce 6200/Radeon 9600;
[*] Device to read DVD-ROM drive;
[*] Keyboard;
[*] Mouse.

Type of publication: license
Language: English only
Crack: PresentGame features:

[*] Neordinarny shuter the first person to create a team of developers Call Of Duty.
[*] Fully interactive, mobile gaming space, which operates freely many minor characters and monsters, ready at any moment to abandon their case and the rush to attack.
[*] Extremely powerful artificial intelligence enemies.
[*] Graphics engine based on Unreal Engine 3.0, destroyed scenery realistic physics surrounding objects.

Installation instructions:
1) Mount image
2) Install game
3) Copy files from a folder on Crack disk in a folder with a game (replace).
4) Play!

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